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Contact Wedoit4u

Home User Support

Repairs and service to protection and networking, our friendly service engineers are just a call away!

Support for your desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets and iPads


Desktop Repairs

Software issues, Hardware issues
Software upgrades, installation
Hardware upgrades, Component replacements

Laptop Repairs

Laptop Screen replacements
Memory upgrades, DC Jack repair
SSD upgrades, Software troubleshooting
Hardware trouble fixes

Security Solutions

Virus and Malware removals, Rootkit and Trojan scan and removal, Security software installations, Wireless network Protection,Unwanted software removal,System health Checks

Operating System

OS upgrades, Trouble fixes
Windows reinstallation
Data back-up solutions
OS health check

Custom & Gaming System builds

Dektops Assembly for
Home Users starts @ 650.00
Office Users starts @ 750.00
Gaming System starts @ 950.00
All of the or desktop computers
covered with a one year warranty


Mobile, iPad, Tablet & CCTV

Mobile Screen Replacements
iPad and Tablet screen Replacements
Wired, Wireless IP Camera installations

Please contact us for mre details